Choose the perfect Rabbit

Choose the perfect Rabbit

Foxy Foxy
24 July
A rabbit vibrator is a MUST-HAVE sex toy for girls! All rabbits have a clitoral stimulator and shaft for providing intense orgasms like no other toy on the market.


Thrusting Rabbit Vibrators look and perform similar to other rabbits on the market, but the main difference is the thrusting head which provides additional enjoyment for many women. The Rabbit Thrusting VIbrators mostly come with two separate controls for thrusting and vibrations, this in return allows more personalized experience.


Rabbit Vibrators burn through the batteries quickly due to many internal parts working together to provide maximum pleasure. If you want to be sure yours never stops when you need it the most, go for the rechargeables! Created out of medical silicone and ABS, you can rest assured these will never let you down as long as you remember to charge them regularly, also they are more eco-friendly and create no waste.


Are you a frequent traveler? If you are, we are sure you will appreciate the discrete size of Rabbit Mini. They were designed to fit into any carry-on and be at your disposal at all times to relieve you of the nasty stress that accumulates during travels. Featuring multiple speeds as well as multiple functions, these Mini Rabbits will become an irreplaceable part of your standard travel kit. Just imagine all the places you can take advantage of to pleasure yourself and nobody will ever know.

Dual Vibrating Rabbit

Being the perfect choice for beginners, it is understandable why Dual Vibration Rabbit is one of the most popular models in our store. Even more experienced users love these because they feature 2 powerful motors, in the shaft, as well as the rabbit ears, that provide equally stimulating experience inside and outside. If you decide to buy it, this Rabbit will rock your world every single time.

Waterproof Rabbits

Enjoy your play time in the tub or in the shower with these Waterproof Rabbits. Being waterproof, these rabbits are very easy to clean and maintain, the rubber control button ensures your fingers never slip, and the silicone body is built for delivering you climaxes that will blow your mind. 


If you have chosen the perfect Rabbit for you, here are couple of tips to make the initial experience even better:

  1. Experiment with all options and combinations until you find the one that suits you the most

  2. Use the special cleaning products to keep your toy sterile 

  3. Read the entire product description and manual to fully comprehend what you new toy can do

  4. Keep an open mind the first time you use the Rabbit Vibrators to have the best possible experience. 

Finally, we just want to wish you happy orgasms with your new toy of choice and may it serve you for many many years!